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How Much Will Auto Glass Replacement Cost ?>

How Much Will Auto Glass Replacement Cost

If the technician had told you that your windshield needs to be replaced, you must be thinking about the auto glass replacement cost. However, you should know that there is no fixed amount of an auto glass replacement because it will greatly vary on the type of crack, the damage and the procedure that they are going to execute in order to install a new windshield into your car. Here is a guideline that could help you when it comes to the rates of windshield replacement.


Average cost

Normally, the rate of auto glass replacement can start from $25 and it can eventually reach up to $325; it will all depend on the type of damage, the services as what we have mentioned above and not only that, but the type of glass that you wanted to install in your car. To put it simply, replacement can be a little expensive if you tend to compare it with a replacement.


Front auto glass replacement cost

There are instances when the rate will depend if the damaged auto glass is in the front or back. Front windshields can be a little bit expensive compared to the back windshield. Generally, the front windshield replacement cost would be around $300. But you can lessen the cost if the damage is just a crack because it can still be repaired.

Additional expenses are also present in the said auto glass replacement because there are some cars that will require a special molding because it is already part of the design by the engineer. You should hire a skilled technician in order to repair the problem, but be aware that it could add up to 20% of the overall repair cost.


Back auto glass replacement cost

As what we have mentioned above, back auto glass replacement is much cheaper than the front one, but it is also important because it will be the one who will protect your passengers sitting on feature_windshield_repairthe back seats of the car. In installation of the back windshield, you don’t need to spend extra money on the wipers. And do not also neglect cracks in back windshield; you are putting the safety of the occupants in the back seat at risk because if the temperature suddenly changes, the back windshield would suddenly shatter down into pieces and it will cause some serious injuries or worse—death.


Windshield wiper replacement cost

You should also replace your windshield wiper, but it will all depend on the quality of the wipers that you are going to use, the company that you’re hired, the model of your car and the skill level of the technician who is going to install the new wipers properly and carefully.

You cannot refuse replacing the wipers because it is part of the maintenance of the car to replace the wipers every year in order to make sure that you can still drive safely and it will also assure that your car is still working properly.