Difference Between Windshield Repair And Windshield Replacement ?>

Difference Between Windshield Repair And Windshield Replacement

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Having to deal with damages in your windshield can introduce a lot of new problems, especially financially and safety. However, most drivers prefer to just get their windshield repaired rather than replacing it with a new one because windshield replacement is much more expensive compared to windshield repair. But it should not be the basis of your decision and a professional technician can help you in making the right decision. Before you visit the auto glass shop, make sure that you educate yourself about the difference or windshield replacement from windshield repair.1435160857936


Windshield repair

Basically, a windshield repair would only consume about half an hour, but sometimes it can reach up to 40 minutes—depending on the size and type of crack that they are going to repair. If the crack seems deeper, the technician would eventually need to execute some preliminary measures first and it would consume about an hour or so. You can expect from your technician that he is going to inspect the damage in your windshield first before they can decide whether it can be repaired or it already needs a replacement.

Most of the cracks that are a bit slanting could have already damaged the PVB layer of your auto glass. Just that means that crack should be deepened using a drill in order to make it smoother and a small vacuum is also necessary when it comes to removing the small debris and particles that comes in the way.

In repairing your windshield, you can expect that there could be an injector that the technician is going to attach in the areas that have been damaged in your windshield and there is a resin that would be injected along the crack soon after.

Windshield replacement

Windshield replacements, on the other hand, are for those cracks that couldn’t be repaired anymore. A crack that is already longer than one foot should already be already replaced with a new windshield. It will take up to two hours, depending on the technician because it will take some time in installing the windshield carefully and making sure that it is perfectly fitted in the model of your car.

Not only that, but the repair shops will also ask you to rest your car for a bit—about an hour or so in order to make sure that the resins and bonds are clung tightly into the frame of the car and the newly-installed windshield. So if you are going to replace your windshield, it is highly advisable that you bring something with you that could entertain you because it’s going to be a long hour waiting for your new windshield to be installed.

Aside from that, you should also educate yourself about the basics in installing a windshield and watch the technician carefully. It’s not always good if you have no idea what they are doing, especially that it already addresses your safety as well as your passenger’s whenever you are driving your car.

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